Private Lessons

During private lessons, you are guided through a series of simple movements such as sitting, standing, turning, walking and lying down to learn to observe and change habits that interfere with optimal functioning. This builds a foundation for working with more complex tasks. Activities suited to your area of interest, for example playing a musical instrument or working at a desk, may be included. Lessons move at your pace and level of comfort.

As you have lessons, you gradually learn to use the new information and understanding in your daily life, gradually developing more awareness about what you are doing, gaining insight into how you move and think. You start to develop a more lively and accurate kinesthetic sense and gain more understanding of how you are designed to move for the most flexibility and ease. This process increases your ability to free yourself from unwanted habits.

Are private lessons for me?

Students study the Alexander Technique for help with chronic pain, RSI, stress and tension, posture, stage fright, breathing, balance, flexibility, public speaking, sports, the performing arts, martial arts, and for self-discovery and understanding.

Why private lessons?

Each person has their own unique way of moving and thinking about moment. A private lesson allows for time and individual attention. The teacher’s comments and hands-on guidance are customized to the student.

How many lessons do I need?

You are welcome to try a lesson or two to see if it is for you. Although you may receive benefit from a couple of lessons, a series of lessons is necessary for an understanding of AT. How long you study the AT depends on your goals, level of interest, and conditions.

Introductory Workshops

Workshops provide a fun and informative introduction to the Alexander Technique and can be tailored to each group's area of interest. I've given workshops for universities, hospitals, conferences and clubs for bodyworkers, horseback riders, counselors, physical therapists, flute players, choral directors, professional musicians, theatre students, piano teachers, etc. Workshops can include a talk on the principles of the AT, activities to illustrate these principles, how the AT relates to your group, and a forum for questions and answers.

To schedule a lesson or workshop, please contact Katherine Mitchell.